A multinational project
covering the interwar period.


UrbanSpaces is a European project that focuses on the history of the Interwar period in the participating twin towns. The goal is to introduce the historical material to different generations through different mediums.

Partner towns

Europe for Citizens - Network of Towns Project

In the period 1 March 2021 till 28 February 2023 a by Europe for Citizens – Network of Towns funded project was the study of the respective local history in the period between the two world wars (1918 – 1939). The cooperation of the eight project cities Bracknell, Jülich, Ljubljana, Leverkusen, Oulu, Racibórz, Schwedt/Oder and Villeneuve d'Ascq in the form of virtual and real workshops, at which the respective research results were presented and discussed, resulted in a comparative view of the period. Now the the final report has been released.

Final Report (Overview)

Final Report (Detailled)